With its beautiful surroundings, abundant wildlife and outstanding location, Amelia Island is one of the most exclusive and sought-after vacation destinations in the Jacksonville area. Unfortunately, homes and condos in this desirable community aren’t immune from common household pests, including mosquitoes, wasps, bees and fleas. If you have a pest problem, B&B Exterminating Co. can handle the infestation and make sure that your paradise isn’t lost.

Residential Pest Control on Amelia Island

At B&B Exterminating, we’ve been serving residents on Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Amelia Island since 1938. Our family still offers the same old-fashioned service, but we now employ cutting-edge techniques for eradicating the most stubborn infestations. We will also take steps to ensure that your home remains free from pests.

Amelia Island Bee and Wasp Removal

Wasps and bees can limit your outdoor fun, especially if you’re allergic to those stinging insects. In the spring, queens will build nests in your shed, under your siding, in your air conditioning unit or behind your soffits. Bees will also nest in trees and under the ground. To avoid getting stung and harassed every time you go outside, it’s wise to have a professional exterminator remove existing nests, seal entry points and monitor your property for additional activity.

Mosquito Control on Amelia Island

Nowadays, mosquitoes carry all kinds of nasty diseases. West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, chikungunya virus and heart worm are just a few of the mosquito-borne illness found in Florida. We also have giant gallinipper mosquitoes that inflict extremely painful bites. If you’re tired of mosquitoes, we can help. Our certified exterminators will treat standing water and apply products that kill adult mosquitoes and disable their larvae.

Flea Extermination on Amelia Island

Our mild climate attracts many vacationers, but it also appeals to pests. It’s no secret that fleas and other insects are larger in Florida and other sub-tropical areas. If you and your pets enjoy exploring Amelia Island, you’re more likely to bring home fleas. If you rent your condo or beach house to tourists, their pets can infest your home too. Fortunately, we have effective strategies and products for eliminating adult fleas, eggs and larvae.

Amelia Island Pest Control

If you’re lucky enough to live on Amelia Island, you deserve to enjoy a pest-free home and property. We can make that happen. Our fully certified exterminators can remove wasps and bees, banish mosquitoes and stop fleas from bothering you and your pets. Call our Jacksonville office at 904-515-4932 to request a free quote for any of our pest control services. Don’t forget to ask us about our complimentary inspections.

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