Atlantic Beach, FL Pest Control

palm treeAtlantic Beach, Florida is a gorgeous area offering warm and humid summer weather. While this allows for many enjoyable outdoor experiences during the summer and spring months, this beautiful climate can also present issues with pests. Bees, wasps, flies, and many other insects are commonly found throughout the Atlantic Beach area. These insects can infiltrate your home or office and cause many bothersome disturbances. If you've noticed the presence of any type of pests around your home, you will want to contact a qualified pest control company as soon as possible.


While bees are often thought of as nothing more than a nuisance, they can actually cause a lot of damage to your home itself. In fact, certain species of bees can create holes in the siding and board trim that makes up the outside of your home. Once these holes have been created, the bees can interlink these openings by creating lengthy tunnels that run through these materials. Over time, this can actually weaken the structural beams that provide support to your home. Since bees can sting when they feel threatened, removing or treating them is usually best reserved for a professional with experience in correcting this problem.


Wasps can create similar types of structural damage to your home. The other problem with wasps is that they are more aggressive by nature. Wasps can go on the attack when they feel threatened. Unlike bees, wasps can also sting multiple times. Not only are wasp stings painful, but some individuals can experience allergic reactions to the venom wasps or bees inject when they sting. Other types of wasps make holes in wood objects in order to have a place to lay their eggs. When these larvae hatch, they can continue to create lasting damage to the wood and other components of your home. If you have an issue with wasps, you will want to protect your loved ones from getting stung and protect your home from being damaged.


Flies can accumulate anywhere and are one of the most common pests to be experienced. Since flies contribute to breaking down decaying things, it can be very disconcerting to have them in your home and landing on your food supply. Flies are capable of spreading potentially harmful bacteria and illnesses that can make people sick, so it's important to keep the fly population to a minimum. This can be difficult at times since flies reproduce extremely quickly. If you're having problems with flies, a reliable pest control service can provide useful solutions.

Finding pests inside your home can be an upsetting experience. Many insects can bite or sting, creating safety concerns for you and your children. Additionally, flies are capable of transferring potentially harmful bacteria to other areas of your house.

At B&B Exterminating, we understand why it would be troubling to find pests inside your home. We know it's important that homeowner's feel a sense of safety and security in their home, and the presence of pests can disrupt this. If you're experiencing problems with insects or other types of pests, please contact B&B Exterminating for a free quote on our effective pest control services.