For many residents, Atlantic Beach is an ideal place to live. The city’s beautiful coastline and laid-back communities help spawn a great atmosphere. With Jacksonville being only a short drive away, there’s always something to do. Of course, gorgeous year-round weather makes Atlantic Beach even more appealing. However, the warm weather tends to lure certain pests to the area. This is why local homes and businesses should seek professional pest control.

Residential Pest Control

There’s nothing like being able to enjoy your time at home. If you want some extra peace of mind, be sure to have your property inspected by an experienced exterminator. Because the temperature in Atlantic Beach rarely drops below freezing, some critters have a tendency to remain active throughout the year. You definitely need to watch out for termites, which are known for causing extreme property damage. The area’s rainy conditions create the perfect environment for these insects to thrive. During the spring, disease-carrying parasites like mosquitoes start to swarm. Wasps and bees can be just as troublesome. Protecting your family should be a top priority. When the weather starts to get cooler, rodents will be trying to seek warmer habits. Even a small hole enables mice and rats to easily evade homes. Not only are these creatures unsanitary, but they can also destroy stuff with their sharp teeth and claws.

Commercial Pest Control

With Atlantic Beach being a popular destination for tourists, local businesses can’t take any chances. Having a pest management plan is of the utmost importance. If you fail to take action, a small bug problem can quickly become a serious infestation. Atlantic Beach restaurants are always at risk. Pests will certainly cause customers to lose their appetite. Even worse, health officials could force you to temporality shut down the eatery. Hotels are also prone to having pest issues. Insects, like cockroaches and bed bugs, will alarm any guest. Once a hotel is labeled as a “roach motel”, it’ll take years to shed this reputation. Office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, and daycares are just a few of the other businesses that need commercial pest control.

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