• Every 20 minutes, another child is diagnosed with autism.
  • Millions now struggle to find help – countless more will follow
  • Autism is treatable, but we need to act now!

Hometown Heroes

Jessica Miner Killian
Earlier this year, Jessica Miner killian, the third-generation president of B&B Exterminating in Jacksonville, Fl., received some devastating news – her 3-year old son Maguire was diagnosed with autism.

Currently, one in every 150 children in the United States has autism or a closely related disorder. Faced with this startling fact, and the recent diagnosis of her son, Jessica Miner Killian decided to embrace it and reach out to those other families affected by it.

“It took me many months to learn all I could about autism, ” Jessica Miner Killian says. “I learned that children with autism cannot flush toxins from their bodies like typical developing children.”

That’s when she decided to design a Green Services Program – a TOXIN- FREE IMP treatment procedure. – Specifically for families with children on the autism spectrum. In addition, this Specialty Service is offered at a discount compared to B&B’s other Green Services.

“Pesticides certainly don’t cause autism, but they don’t help either.” she says. “Children with autism need healthy, natural products around them, and people need to know that they can still have pest protection without the use of toxins.

“We can’t cure autism, but we can support awareness of it.”

Please see below for some helpful links.



www.healautismnow.org – Heal in P.V.


www.centraldirectory.org – Directory for early childhood services

www.fdlrscrown.org – Learning resources

www.littlestarjax.com – School for children with autism