With an area of more than 528 hectares, Baldwin, Florida is located next to Jacksonville, Florida and the town has more than 1,460 residents. The region features a subtropical climate, which can increase the number of carpenter ants who live in the area. The town is situated near Jennings State Forest, the Osceola Wildlife Management Area and the Cary State Forest.

Dealing With Bugs in the Region

If termites infest a home the bugs can weaken beams that consist of wood, burrow underneath the house, spread to multiple rooms, damage trees that are situated near the home and create apertures in the walls of the house. Furthermore, carpenter ants are especially common in Florida, and each bug usually has a length of less than 2.5 centimeters. The ants may settle in rooms that contain moist wood, and sometimes, a homeowner will notice small piles of wood that the bugs have created.

Eliminating Termites

In 2000, numerous experts developed Termidor, which is a trademarked formula that will eliminate any termites that touch or ingest the substance. Termites are not able to sense the compound, and if a bug comes into contact with Termidor, the termite will spread the liquid by simply touching other bugs. Our experts have placed the compound in more than 1,000 residences in Florida, and once our specialists use Termidor in a customer’s home, we will guarantee that the compound will get rid of the termites within three months.

Preventing an Infestation

In order to protect houses of all sizes, our business frequently utilizes Sentricon, and the trademarked equipment can allow our specialists to monitor termites that burrow near a house. The components also evaluate the scent of termites that are moving in a homeowner’s yard. Consequently, our experts are able to determine the locations of any tunnels that bugs are using, wooden items that the termites may consume and modifications that affect the movements of the bugs.

Once our specialists locate a small number of termites, our experts may leave bait, which contains a substance that can eliminate the termites within two weeks. This delayed effect allows the termites to share the bait with other bugs that are beginning to infest a home. Therefore, a small amount of bait could stop an entire group of termites from invading a house.

Using Techniques That Can Protect a Home From Carpenter Ants

When our analysts inspect a house that might contain carpenter ants, the specialists will search for tunnels within wooden structures, and our company may evaluate the approximate number of ants in a specific group, the sources that are providing food and damage that the bugs have caused. Generally, carpenter ants create nests that are situated near water. Our specialists can analyze sources that contain water and items that consist of moist wood, which may attract the bugs.

In order to eliminate carpenter ants that have infested a house, experts may place boric acid near the nests. The bugs will typically bring this compound to the extensive nests that are located in wooden items, and the substance may eliminate carpenter ants that are in tunnels that are impervious to sprays or gases that some companies use.

Requesting an Estimate

If termites or carpenter ants have infested your home, you can evaluate effective strategies that our business regularly utilizes, view guides that describe termites, examine frequently asked questions and evaluate reviews that numerous customers have created. In order to schedule an inspection, you may complete our contact form, and our business can swiftly determine the types of bugs that have infested a home and offer an estimate.

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