Bees and wasps may seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but they can do serious damage to your home. Controlling wasps and bees is an important part of home maintenance that’s best left to a professional exterminator. 

Damages Bees and Wasps can Cause

Carpenter bees can bore holes into your home in the fascia boards, siding or trim. To invade your house, they chew a half-inch entrance hole into the wood. Then, they begin boring deep tunnels. Carpenter bees can weaken the main support beams if left untreated. Honeybees build hives behind the walls. As the hive expands, the bees eat through the moisture barrier. 

Wasps are more aggressive than bees. They are also able to sting repeatedly, so an encounter with a crowd of angry wasps can be very painful. If you’re allergic to wasp stings, you could die if you’re stung frequently. Wood-boring wasps don’t make nests inside wood like carpenter bees. Instead, they lay their eggs in holes in the wood. When the eggs hatch, the larvae chew their way through the wood and whatever else is between them and freedom. They can chew through drywall, flooring, carpet, ceilings or wood beams. The only things they can’t chew through are stone and ceramics. 

Don’t let bees and wasps turn your house into their home. At B&B Exterminating, we’ve been eradicating bee and wasp colonies for over 79 years. If you have a problem with bees or wasps, give B&B a call for a free estimate.

Why You Should Call Bee and Wasp Control

At first glance, getting rid of bees may seem easy but depending on the size of the nest their can be some consequences of doing it yourself. You can get stung many times if you are not properly suited for the job, which is extremely painful.

A pest control company that specializes in bee and wasp control will have the tools and resources to safely remove a nest, and prevent the stinging insects from harming you family. When it comes to a bee infestation, do it yourself fixes are usually not enough to get completely get rid of the infestation. Professional Bee and Wasp Control can eliminate the entire infestation and make sure they don’t return

When Should You Get Bee and Wasp Control Involved

Bees and wasps are common insects to have in your yard so it can be difficult to tell when things have gotten out of hand. If you notice a large nest near or on your property, you should call bee and wasp control. If you don’t you run the risk of your children and pets getting stung multiple times.

If you begin to notice an excessive amount of bees in your house over a few days it may be best to get bee control involved. Bees can hide in your vents, walls, or have nests right next to your windows, giving them access to your home. Again, putting your family and household at risk of getting stung. Don’t risk your household’s health, hire a professional bee and wasp exterminator.

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