What Causes Tree Root Damage?

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It’s incredibly important to take care of the trees that are in your yard and prevent their roots from becoming damaged. Damaged trees can be a hazard if they’re neglected, potentially causing serious injuries or damage to your property. The following are some of the most common ways that tree roots become damaged.

Natural Causes

There are several natural causes of tree root damage that are difficult to prevent. These will deteriorate the integrity of the tree and can create a hazard.

  • Aging- Trees that have been aging for a long time are much more likely to fail than young trees, especially if they’re larger in size.
  • Severe Weather- Extreme weather is a common cause of tree root damage. Wind, rain, snow, and ice can cause even the healthiest of trees to fail. Trees that are already damaged or weakened are at much greater risk during extreme weather events.
  • Leaning and Unusual Shape- Trees don’t always grow straight up, but a significant lean can signify an issue with the tree. Trees that have unique shapes are at great risk of splitting or cracking due to unusual growth patterns.

Outside Influence

There are several preventable causes of tree root damage that are caused by humans.

  • Neglect- Planting a new tree requires watering, mulching, and protection in order to prevent it from growing improperly.
  • Planting Incorrectly- There are several ways that a tree can be planted improperly such as digging a hole that’s too shallow or too deep and planting in poor soil conditions.
  • Construction- Construction is a common way that trees become damaged by humans. Trees can recover from minor damage, but severing the roots will cause trees to decline and eventually die.
  • Chemicals- Chemicals that leak into a tree’s roots can contaminate the soil and will poison the tree. Oil, paint, and gasoline are some of the most common chemicals that kill trees when they leak from a garage.

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