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3 Ways To Keep Rodents Off Your Property

Rodents can wreak havoc on any home. They spread disease and cause millions in property damage each year. But how do we keep them away from our property? Here are our top three tips for rodent prevention. 

Clear Your Yard

Remove the places where rodents are likely to make their homes. Clear out debris from your yard. Relocate or dispose of piles of wood, garden clippings and old vehicles. Cleaning improves aesthetics and decreases infestation problems. Rodents nest just about anywhere. 

The fewer places rodents can make nests, the more likely they are to settle somewhere else.

Keep the Food Away

Open food containers ring the dinner bell for rats and mice. Mother Nature designed them to root out food like miniature bloodhounds. Seal up pet food containers and place them in proper storage areas.

Rodents also raid open garbage cans, recycling containers and compost bins. Secure their lids and mix food waste in compost piles (if in the ground) with soil. Wash your garbage cans and recycling bins regularly. The sanitation workers take garbage and recyclables. However, residue from liquids and crumbs is enough to chime that rodent dinner bell.

Seal Up Your Home

Rodents fit through cracks and holes smaller than most people would even imagine. Seal up any places they can enter your home. A determined rodent will chew through some of the toughest material to gain entry. Rodents have chewed through cinder blocks and brick. Convince them it is not worth the effort.

Patrol your home and look for holes in screens, cracks and gaps in entryways. Replace screens and fill in those cracks and openings with the appropriate materials, like caulking and weatherstripping. Do not forget to seal off chimney tops and external vents (eg. air conditioning) with proper wire mesh.

Bonus Tip for Gophers

If you do not have a raised garden, consider an underground wire fence. Dig 24 inches down or until you hit bedrock and use wire with a half-inch opening. Paint the wire or treat it with anti-rusting spray to increase durability. Digging takes a lot of time and investment, but it grants a high level of non-lethal protection. Remember, pocket gophers are a protected species in Florida.

Prepare your property as best you can, but rodents may still find their way inside. Contact B&B Exterminating for a free evaluation and let us help protect your family.

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