4 Reasons to Spray Your Home in Autumn

The fall season rolling around the corner and preparing your home is of the utmost importance. With fall comes colder weather and much more stressors than usual, taking us right into winter. While there are countless preparations necessary for this season, spraying your home of pests is one of the most crucial. 

Don’t give insects and rodents alike the opportunity to infest your home, causing damage and danger for you and your family. Autumn is the best and the most effective time of year to get your home professionally sprayed. Get ready and prepare your home efficiently. The following four key points should push you in the right direction to protect your home

Efficient and Time-Saving

Getting your home sprayed during the fall will not only get your home ready but can take care of any pest problems you may encounter overnight. This should stand out as usual pest control procedures take time to work. As well as this, there is also a reduced amount of residue left behind within your home. 

Spraying your home is also super efficient in the case of reaching every nook and cranny where other insecticides can’t. It eliminates eggs, pupae, larvae and adults alike, ensuring no return of any given pest taking over your home. 

Stops Insects and Rodents in Their Tracks

Insects and rodents are known to seek warmth when the cold weather hits just like us. Insects like carpenter ants are extremely serious if you catch an eye of them in the winter. While they deteriorate your home’s structure, getting the home sprayed will rid your worries of these critters.

On another note, spraying will not keep mice and rats out of your home but it is extremely important to prepare if any do make it inside. Consider sealing cracks in the structure of your home as well as cleaning around your exterior to go the extra mile. 

Good for Sensitive Environments

Your home is a sensitive environment, after all, it is where you sleep, eat and live day-to-day with your family. With zero insect tolerance in products or living environments, spraying your home is the best way to protect you and your home. 

Spraying your home also permeates a room even if it is full of your belongings. With the reduced residue, your home will remain safe after the spray. This is especially ideal for facilities like food processing and storage.

Complete Protection 

As spraying of the home gets into every crack and crevice of your home, it is efficient at getting rid of any and all WDOs (Wood Destroying Organisms), which goes for even the smallest of insects. Staying up to date with your home’s pest control, you can maintain year-round protection, stopping the damage before it even happens. Stay up to date and reduce all problems in structure and commodities in your home. 
Keep you and your home safe year-round. To receive a free quote, inquire about services and/or schedule an appointment, check out B&B Exterminating here or give us a call at (904) 515-4932 today!