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5 Simple Tips for an Ant-Free Picnic

Ants are those annoying party crashers at your picnic and stopping them is easier than you might think. You can use these five simple tips to keep your picnic free from ants.

Cover Up

When you are setting up for your picnic, keep covers on the food. If you place the food in containers that seal, you can keep the ants from finding it. This is important for foods that contain high amounts of sugar like fruit, sodas and desserts. You will want to remember to close the food containers every time you open them. Keeping the containers closed will reduce the ant’s attraction to the food.

Setting a Decoy

Instead of having the ants crash your party, give them their own. When setting up your picnic area, you should set out some sugary food or decoy a good distance from your site. The sugary food in the other location will attract the ants. When setting the decoy food for the ants, you should choose items high in sugar like watermelon rinds or sugar water.

Scouting the Picnic Area

Before you set up your picnic, scout the area for signs of ants. You should check to see how many ants are around or if there are other signs that ants are in the neighborhood - for example, ant hills. If you see large numbers of ants in the vicinity of your picnic area, chances are you will have additional guests coming if you decide to stay.

Add an Ant Repellent

To add extra protection to your picnic, you should add a natural ant repellent like vinegar, lemon juice or mint. These items break the ant’s communication with the colony, and it cannot report the location of food.

If you are using vinegar or lemon juice, wipe down the table cloth to keep the ants away. Wiping the table cloth down with lemon juice will smell better than the vinegar. If you want to use mint, take some mint mouthwash in a spray bottle and lightly mist yourself and table to add the deterrent.

Create a Barrier

You can create a barrier around your picnic area by using water, talcum powder or chalk depending on your location. Ants do not like crossing any of these substances, even for food. So, if you choose to eat at a picnic table, you can place the feet of the table in containers of water. Or if you want to use a blanket for your picnic, spread chalk or talcum powder around the picnic area. Ants do not like to cross over these substances.

If you would like more information on creating an ant-free picnic, do not hesitate to contact B&B Exterminating.

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