Where They Bee

Summer is here, and bees be out and about. While they are a beautiful part of the ecosystem and perform a vital function, they are not always welcome in the area for many reasons (allergies being the top). Fortunately, there are a few tried techniques to help reduce the buzz of bees in your home and area.

5 Ways to Keep the Bees at Bay

The normal living situation is that bees find a place to nest, and then use that nest as home base to feed and reproduce. If there is no nest on your property, you only need to worry about keeping them away and preventing them from being appealed to your property. If there is a nest, it will need to be removed or destroyed to get the bees to leave the area.

The top recommended methods to repel bees include:

  1. A Vinegar Spray. Common for its simplicity and easy-to-acquire ingredients, a solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle makes an effective, all-natural mixture that can kill and repel. It is recommended that any direct spraying on a nest be done at night, when the bees are resting. Be sure to dress in protective clothing as the mixture will agitate the bees prior to killing them.
  2. Soda Bottle Trap. Leave an open soda bottle half full of soda near where bees gather. The sugar will lure them down into the bottle where it will be difficult for them to leave, leading them to drown.
  3. Bug Zappers. Zappers now have lures which can be used to add bees to the list of bugs that are drawn to this classic. These zappers warm a sweet scent to attract bees. Of course, there are more docile ways to keep the bees away without killing them.
  4. Repellant Spray. Just as they’re attracted to sweet smells, other odors are repulsive to them, especially peppermint and cinnamon. Mixing one drop of peppermint or cinnamon oil (or both) with one cup of unscented baby shampoo will create a solution that will repel bees while sparing their lives.
  5. Repellant Decor. A variety of landscaping features can help keep bees away. Building on Number 4, mint is one such plant (cinnamon being another). Bamboo torches with special scented candles are well-known and reliable. Tucking mothballs into the right areas will keep nests from being built.

Though generally passive, bees can become aggressive in the right situations. To ensure your personal safety and guarantee a bee-free yard, contact B&B Exterminating to get a consultation today!