Ants are fascinating creatures, but when they start to invade a person’s home, they really need to go. That’s where our pest control professionals at B & B Exterminating  come in. But outside the home in their own territories, ants are simply amazing. Here are some things to know about them:

How Many Ant Species Are There?

There are about 12,500 species of ant that people know of and 10,000 more that haven’t been classified yet. They’re members of the order Hymenoptera, which means they're cousins of bees and wasps, and they’re eusocial. This means they live in groups and live to support the success of their group, whether it’s about 100 or so ants living together or millions whose territories range over acres. These huge colonies are so organized that they sometimes act like one organism.

Many ant colonies have castes made up of workers, soldiers, drones and at least one queen. Workers and soldiers are non-reproductive females, drones are fertile males, and the queen is the only ant who lays fertile eggs.

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants live all over the world, save Antarctica and a few remote islands. The amazing organization of their colonies allows ants to be successful in most places on the Earth.

Common Ant Species

Harvest Ant

Harvester ants get their name because they collect and store seed. Sometimes, they collect and store other insects. They’re found in sandy areas in the southwestern United States. They’re between .24 and .27 inches long and have a black head and thorax, or middle section, though the abdomen is red. They have angled antennae.

Fire Ant

These ants, known for the ferocity of their sting, live in underground nests topped by domes of the earth that have a tell-tale crust. When it comes to pest control in the southern United States, the fire ant is one of the main reasons to call the exterminator.

They are yellowish to reddish and not only sting but bite. They have straight mandibles filled with three teeth. Despite their aggressiveness, fire ants are tiny, only about 0.06 to 0.23 inches in length.

Carpenter Ant

Another target of ant prevention is the carpenter ant. This ant, which is about a quarter to half an inch in length, ranges in color from red to brown to black and has a sort of gray down over the body. This ant nests in wood, and outside the nest is excavated out of stumps and logs. However, this ant also builds in the untreated wood of houses. They’re not as destructive as termites, but ant prevention is needed.

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