Benefits of an In-the-Wall System

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With so many common pests in the area, it is important to take a few additional precautions to protect your new home. Roaches, ants, and bed bugs are just a few of the known troublemakers. Installing an in-the-wall system during home construction is a great way to ensure that pests never become an issue. Here are the key benefits of an in-the-wall system.

No Chemical Odors

Some insecticides leave a strong chemical odor that lingers in the air for several days. This can cause a great deal of frustration for homeowners. You will never have to worry about this problem with an in-the-wall pest control system. Everyone in your family will be able to breathe freely.

Very Effective

The primary goal of installing an in-the-wall system is to prevent pest infestations. Designed with a series of tubes, an in-the-wall system attacks pests in their favorite hiding spots. They will no longer be able to use the walls of your home as a source of protection.

Hassle-Free Convenience

If you are a busy person, scheduling a time for an exterminator to come can become a daunting task. Fortunately, in-the-wall pest control systems have an outside service port. This means that the technician can refill the system without even needing to come inside. You won’t have to take any extra time out of your day.

Cost Effective

An in-the-wall system is a true cost saver. It eliminates the need for a service technician to make unnecessary visits to your home. In most instances, the system will only need to be serviced on a quarterly basis. You can expect to save a lot of extra money in the long run.


In-the-wall systems are engineered to be remarkably reliable. The space-age tubes promise to withstand the test of time. Even after several years, you can expect the system to perform flawlessly.

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