But What if They Come Back? How to Make Sure Pests Stay Gone for Good

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Living in the American South means that pests are a natural side effect of your environment. The hot and humid climate attracts bugs and vermin of all kinds, which is why it’s imperative that you rely on pest control to manage the impact of these pests. However, are you doing enough to make sure that your home doesn’t look appealing?All too often, homeowners will get rid of an infestation, only to have it resurface later on. Today we want to discuss several ways that you can make sure that your pests will be gone for good.

Keep it Clean

For the most part, bugs and vermin are attracted to food sources. Thus, if you have bits of food littering your house, then it looks like a suppertime buffet. Spills are especially dangerous because if it were something sweet (like tea), it would be like sending out a pest beacon around your house.Thus, if you want to minimize the impact of pests, you have to stay on top of cleaning your home. While spot cleaning is suitable for daily management, be sure to get deeper into the nooks and crannies of your house on a regular basis. This way, you can stop pests in their tracks.

Monitor Trash

Just because your home is clean doesn’t mean that food isn’t available for the various bugs and critters that want to infest your property. Garbage is a haven for pests, and they will seek it out with ruthless efficiency. Thus, if you’re going to keep them at bay, be sure to remove any food garbage as often as possible so that they aren’t tempted to come inside. Another thing you’ll want to do is cover your garbage and keep it away from the house. Pests like raccoons can get crafty, so you may have to take extra precautions to ensure that your trash stays contained.

Maintain Barriers Between Home and Outdoors

Overall, the reason we don’t like pests is that they’re uninvited. Out in the wild, antsrats, and other bugs can live peacefully because they aren’t bothering us where we live. However, if you have a lot of natural elements close to your property, then it doesn’t take much effort to cross the barrier between inside and outside. First, you’ll want to consider the proximity of things like plants and trees to your home. If they’re touching, for example, then any bugs living inside them can get into your house. Thus, you’ll want to trim back any greenery that may serve as an entry point.

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Stay Dry

Although food is a primary resource that attracts pests, water is a significant problem as well. Moisture means that you can have things like mold growing in parts of your home, which will attract other pests, as well as pose a serious health threat.Unfortunately, living in Georgia or Florida means that humidity and wetness are constant, but you should still monitor parts of your home to see that they’re staying dry. If not, then you could be developing an infestation without realizing it

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