Common Bed Bug Myths

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Bed bugs are becoming a problem not only for the United States, but also in most places throughout the world. Today, they infest fine hotels, restaurants and even peoples’ vehicles. Because more people are being impacted by bed bugs, misinformation and presumptions abound. Here are a few of the most common myths about bed bugs and the correct information. 

Myth: If you move bed bug infested belongings outside when it’s cold, the chilly temperatures will kill them. 

Fact: While bed bugs are not cold-tolerant creatures, they are durable ones. This means that they can survive for days and even for weeks in subzero temperatures. For cold weather to kill them, you would have to leave your infested belongings outside for a week or two, and the temperature would have to stay colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration. 

Myth: Bed bugs live exclusively in beds. 

Fact: Bed bugs are often in beds because people spend a good amount of time there, and human blood is the main sustenance of bed bugs. However, these pests also infest offices, living rooms and dens as well as movie theaters and buses. Bed bugs generally live within about a 5-foot radius of their host. 

Myth: Bed bugs feed only at night. 

Fact: Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, but this is because humans sleep at night. Bed bugs modify their feeding times based on when you’re sleeping. If you work the night shift and sleep during the day, then they’ll feast on you during the daylight hours. 

Myth: Bed bugs reproduce fast

Fact: When compared to the reproductive rates of other insects, bed bugs reproduce more slowly. Every adult female bed bug produces about one egg each day, but the common housefly is capable of laying 500 eggs every three to four days. Bed bug eggs take around 10 days to hatch, and they become adults in five to six weeks. 

Myth: Over-the-counter treatments work for bed bug extermination. 

Fact: If you Google bed bug treatments, the search engine will recommend DIY techniques involving over-the-counter treatments. However, bed bugs are mainly tolerant to the ingredients found in most of these treatments. This type of spray may kill weak bugs, but it is unlikely to work on hardy ones. In fact, over-the-counter sprays could make the bugs more resistant to chemicals over time. When it comes to bed bugs, it’s best to turn to a professional. 

Fact from Fiction

You’ll be ahead of the game by learning fact from fiction when it comes to bed bugs. Because there are so many myths involving the critters, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional pest exterminator like B&B Exterminating. Those who are skilled in pest treatments can recommend the proper way to get rid of bed bugs, making an effective and permanent solution more likely.

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