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Do Bugs Hibernate and Where Do They Hide?

As the winter months are quickly approaching, everyone is preparing themselves for the colder months. This may mean cleaning and pruning your garden and placing outside furniture in the garage or shed. Humans are not the only ones preparing for winter, however, as critters are looking to stay warm for the winter, too. Keep reading to learn about bugs and hibernation. 

Which Bugs Hibernate?

Many species of insects hibernate for the winter, such as yellowjackets, wasps and mosquitoes. While it is commonly believed that hibernation includes sleeping the entire winter, there are other forms of hibernation. For example, entering a cocoon is another type of hibernation that moths will form. Ants also hibernate by slowing down during the colder months. They eat more food beforehand in order to put on weight. Then, once the cold drops, so do their body temperatures, making them lethargic. 

What if Bugs Don’t Hibernate?

Certain species of insects do not hibernate. For example, crickets will die before the winter comes and will only leave behind their eggs. As the females leave behind over 100 eggs, there will be an abundance of newborn crickets in the spring. Other insects that do not hibernate will instead migrate. The most common example of a migrating insect is the monarch butterfly, which will fly towards the warmer weather for the winter. Then, they will return in the spring. 

Where Else Will Bugs Hide?

Many insects will wander inside your home for food, warmth and shelter. Insects such as cockroaches and spiders will make their homes inside walls, in the attic or basement or any other dark secluded place they can find. 

Keeping Bugs Outside of Your Home

Like all living things, bugs are looking for a way to stay warm during the winter. However, there are things that you can do to discourage them from coming inside. Make sure that any holes or gaps in your home are repaired. Keep all food stored so as not to attract insects. Keeping your home clean also helps detract them. Calling a pest control company, such as B&B Exterminating Company, can give you preventive treatments. 
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