Fact and Fiction: Pest Control

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There are dozens upon dozens of popular myths when it comes to pests in the home. You likely have believed many of them for years and have tried to prevent pests in the home according to what you have been told. Contrary to popular belief, we are here to bust three of the most popular myths about pests.

Fiction: No Signs of Pests Mean That No Pests Can Exist in The Home

Even if you don’t see pests or any signs of pests, they still may exist somewhere around your home. For some pests like the cockroach, they are only active at night time and only appear in total darkness, to avoid being seen by humans. They are also known to hide in more places in the home than you can imagine. There is also the termite, and the last way you want to realize that you have termites is thanks to a weakened foundation of your home.

Fiction: Pests Avoid Seeking Shelter in Clean Homes

Even though you may try to have the cleanest home in your neighborhood, it won’t make your home immune to a typical pest infestation. Pests don’t necessarily gravitate towards certain houses depending on filth, but rather other factors such as humidity, darkness and the aroma of certain foods. Truth be told, pests like the cockroach aren’t turned off by cleaning chemicals, either, as they find sensing sugar to be more important than sensing poison. Pests heavily rely on human life, as people can easily provide them with food and shelter regardless of how clean their abode is.

Fiction: Pest Control Is Only for Ongoing Infestations

Of course, most homeowners don’t think they need pest control services until they find pests where they live. There is no textbook way to prevent any and all pests from entering the home. What you can do to avoid serious infestations is to have pest control inspect your home periodically throughout the year; roughly two to four times; to ensure that pests are dealt with before they get a chance to run roughshod throughout the house.

Fact: Hiring Pest Control Is More Helpful Them Dealing with Pests on Your Own

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