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Five Ways You Are Attracting Termites Into Your Home

You want to do everything you can to make your home a safe space for you and your loved ones. Equip yourself for success by learning about the five ways you may attract termites into your home.

Clogged Gutters

Cleaning the gutters may be an easy maintenance chore to overlook when you have so many apparent tasks to address. Termites are attracted to leaf litter and twigs that collect within neglected gutters. They also love moisture. Pools of water inside clogged drains are breeding grounds for termites.

Invest in the vital task of cleaning your gutters regularly. Also, avoid pooling water by diverting rainwater from the home’s foundation with splash blocks and extended downspouts. 

Wood Piles Against Your House

When you have any type of wood touching the home, you provide a bridge to termites into your residence. Once termites build colonies in any outside wood sources, including mulch and wood chips, stacked wood or overhanging branches, they will soon find entry points for an invasion.

Keep stacks of wood at least twenty feet away and raised at least five inches from the ground. Place a barrier, such as stones or river rock, between any mulched areas and the edges of your structure. Regularly prune trees or shrubbery so that no branches are touching your house. 

A Yard of Dead Wood

Leaving the remnants of tree stumps or dead trees may seem neglectful but harmless. However, any rotting wood serves as a red carpet for termites to enter your property and find ways into your home. 

Ensure any tree stumps are immediately ground after the tree is taken down and routinely remove dead branches, shrubs or trees from the property.

Not Completely Eradicating the Problem

By treating only visible signs of termites, you most likely are missing the central hub of termite activity. Termites usually swarm and colonize out of sight and do most of their destructive work before the results are found.

Once any sign of termites is identified, it is time to assume a “take no prisoners” approach to remove the threat of termites from your property.

Not Seeking Professional Help

When considering options for eradicating the threat of termites from your home, choose the best exterminator in your region: B&B Exterminating, Inc.  Since 1938, we have provided the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina region with outstanding, professional service. Our premium standards have earned us the honor of being named one of the “Top 100 Pest Control Services.” 

Contact B&B Exterminating today as your first step in protecting your property from the destructive siege of termites.


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