Five Winter Lawn Care Tips

As we are well into the fall season, the need for lawn care is slowing down. You may be looking forward to winter knowing that mowing the lawn is no longer necessary. However, lawn care does not stop, even in the colder months. Keep reading for five winter lawn care tips. 

1-Aerate and Fertilize

Before a frost is expected, aerate the grass. This gives the grass a chance to breathe before it goes dormant for the winter. It will also allow compaction to release that has taken place over the summer months. Once the lawn has had a chance to breathe, it’s ready to be fertilized. Doing so will give it the necessary nutrients. For this type of lawn care, consider using landscaping professionals such as B&B Exterminating Co

2-Remove Debris

Branches, leaves and other debris constantly fill your yard space. It is essential to remove all debris not only to keep it looking tidy, but also to keep it healthy. If leaves are left for too long, they become wet and rotten, bringing disease into the lawn. Too much debris can also suffocate your lawn. 

3-Avoid Walking on the Grass 

If you tread on the same areas of grass too much, it may start to weaken. Even though grass remains dormant over the winter time, it can still become very weak. Try keeping distance from the grass as much as possible whenever it becomes frosted and dormant. 

4-Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Clear

Just as it is important to keep your lawn clear of debris, it is also important to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear. Sweep debris into a garbage bag to prevent it from traveling into your lawn. Remove branches so it is not a safety hazard to you or your vehicles. If weather conditions become icy, de-icing services will provide a safe walking path. 

5- Prepare As Soon As Possible

Before the winter months set in, it is highly suggested that you prepare your lawn as much in advance as possible. The sooner you prepare, the healthier your lawn will remain for the next spring. 

If your lawn is in need of winter preparation, contact us at B&B Exterminating Co., Inc