Getting Rid Of Winter Flies For Good

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It isn’t at all uncommon for homes and businesses to have an occasional fly or two. In fact, it’s almost expected if you live in areas where moisture and warm temperatures are the daily norm. Flies thrive in these environments and, unfortunately, aren’t just prevalent during the warmer seasons throughout the year. Here’s what you need to know about flies during the winter season.

It’s Winter, Why Do I Have Flies

With over 100,000 types of flies, all of which respond to climatic changes , finding the right treatment will ensure your winged invaders will be gone in no time. But, to find the right treatment, you will need to locate them, and take action from there. Although flies have a very short lifespan once hatched, it’s the stuff you can’t see that become the surprise culprits for winter infestations.

You’ll likely find winter flies around sinks and drains, above, around, or within garbage cans, in areas where there are organic materials such as plants, fruits, and vegetables. Any other areas that may contain moisture, mildew, or molc such as crawl spaces, basements, and furnace rooms can be a breeding ground for flies. 

Treating Winter Flies

Flies hate the cold, which is why they find dark, warm places to lay eggs and hide until it becomes warm enough for them to emerge again. Keeping those home temperatures down as much as possible during the winter months will help to minimize your flying friends.

There are many over-the-counter sprays that will help aid in the extermination of the winter flies. If you’re looking for DIY, non invasive solutions – pour some apple cider vinegar into a small bowl and set it near the location of the flies as a temporary treatment until your able to get professional assistance.

Prevention Tips & Tricks

Although there are some unavoidables, like not knowing fly eggs are present on the fresh fruit you just bought and brought into your home from the local farmers market, there are definitely a few ways to help prevent our flying friends from ruining your holiday fun.

  • Keep all sinks, drains, disposals, and water-based machines clean and free from build-up of water and residue.
  • Keep garage areas clean and free of old foods or liquids that may give off a scent that will attract flies.
  • Seasonal deep cleaning may be annoying, but not as annoying as having little flying friends pestering you throughout the winter season.

If you don’t want to be pestered from fies this season contact B&B Exterminating for treatment Their experienced and award winning professionals will find the source areas for pests and make sure they never come back.