How Bed Bugs Spread from One House to Another

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At B&B Exterminating, when we get a call about bed bugs, we know that we’re dealing with a serious issue. Our staff of fully-trained, professional technicians have everything they need to help you eliminate your bed bug problem, but we also know that the issue isn’t just getting rid of a pest.

When our clients find that they have bed bugs, it’s often an emotional drain. The idea that these tiny parasites have infected your home and are now existing with your family can be hard to take. Many of our customers want to know exactly how they ended up with the little creatures, and they ask us for pointers on how to keep them from coming back.

In all honesty, the only things that you can do to avoid bed bugs is to either purchase everything new or sterilize everything brought into the home and teach your children to not share clothing at school.

They Hitch a Ride

As noted above, bed bugs are notorious travelers. This post from Medicalexpress explains all the items they like to cling to in their search for a new home. If you’re fond of vintage or thrift stores, be sure to sterilize and clean everything before bringing it into your home.

Soft goods, such as clothes and stuffed toys, should be brought into the home inside a sealed bag and immediately placed in the washing machine on the highest wash settings, then dried in a clothes dryer on the highest settings.

NOTE: Larger items such as furniture should be professionally cleaned in order to protect your home.

Walls, Doors and Hallways

Unfortunately, if you live in an apartment, condo or stay in a hotel over a vacation, you have less control over your environment. Any of your immediate neighbors could have brought bed bugs into proximity, and from there, it’s a simple crawl right to your home or your luggage.

Once established, bed bugs are very difficult to treat. The eggs that bed bugs lay are impervious to most chemical treatments and must be eliminated with heat treatments. These heat treatments are at a higher degree than you can achieve with household appliances such as a blow-dryer but are necessary to remove the eggs and stop the cycle of infestation.

As bed bugs can lay eggs when they are very young, it’s a good reason to call us even if you only notice one or two of these pests.

These precautions, along with a regular pest-deterrent program, are your best bets to avoid bed bugs. Below, we’ll look at how these tiny insects can get into your home outside of these measures. If you notice bed bugs in your residence, please contact us immediately. We’ll get you on the right track to eliminating bed bugs before they become a big problem.