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How Dangerous Are Asian Giant Hornets?

Asian Giant Hornets, also called Murder Hornets, have recently hit the media. Even though these hornets are originally from Asia, they have recently been found in the United States. Since hearing of their entrance into the country, people have been afraid of these bees. How dangerous are the Asian Giant Hornets? Keep reading for more information.

What do Asian Giant Hornets Look Like?

These hornets are called “giant” because the queen bees can grow to be up to two inches long. They have a unique appearance, with tiger-like orange and black stripes and teardrop-shaped eyes. Although they are large, they have small, wispy wings. Their most menacing feature is the orange mandible with a black tooth that is used for digging. 

Are They a Threat to Humans?

These hornets can use their jaws to decapitate and kill an entire nest of honeybees. One hornet can kill up to 40 honeybees in a minute and. So, it does not take long for them to completely decimate a nest. If their target is larger, they will use their stinger, which is long enough to pierce through a beekeeper's suit. The poisonous venom causes excruciating pain because it is neurotoxic and necrotic. It attacks the nervous system and destroys tissue. So, if you are stung by a “murder hornet,” be prepared to experience extreme pain, swelling, redness, and itchiness for up to 36 hours. Being stung by an Asian Giant Hornet can be fatal to those who are allergic to its venom, or those who have been stung multiple times.

Are They a Threat to the United States?

These hornets kill up to 50 people a year in Japan. And now they have been found in Washington state. Yet, these nasty insects are not as big of a threat to humans as much as they are to other bees. As they have the capability to wipe out honey bee nests so quickly, it could greatly affect beekeepers and their honey supply. At this time, it is not known if there are Asian Giant Hornets nests in the United States. But, they are not believed to be invading the country.

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