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How Fall Flooding Can Attract Pests

Fall is a lovely time of year with the brilliant colors of orange, yellow, red and brown. The crisp, cool air offers refreshment after a hot summer. Leaves crunch beneath your feet. Pumpkin spice lattes are the go-to drink, and everyone has garlands of leaves decorating the door frame and pumpkins sitting on their doorstep. It’s a wonderful time of year, except when the pests come. Unfortunately, Fall can bring dampness and rain, which can attract pests.

How Flooding Attracts Pests

There are several pests that are attracted to moisture because, just like all living things need food, they also need water. As a result, wherever there is water, it is most likely unwanted house guests. So, when flooding occurs, the residual humidity and moisture will draw out those pests. Here are three different insects that are especially fond of moisture:


Cockroaches love to make their home in a warm and wet area. Inside of your home, this could mean they will nest in places such as near your hot water heater, under kitchen or bathroom sinks or radiators. In order to thrive and keep active, cockroaches need to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much water to keep them healthy. A leaky pipe or condensation on your plumbing is enough to satisfy them.


These pests are called silverfish as they appear to be swimming whenever they move. They enjoy hiding in dark, wet places and will keep hidden for as long as possible. In truth, they stay in these areas to keep alive as they will dry out and die if they are exposed to the sunlight for too long. You may discover them under piles of boxes or furniture, or you will find them anywhere in damp areas of your house- particularly the basement, bathroom or kitchen.


Very often you will find these multi-legged creatures crawling around your kitchen or bathroom sinks, or maybe even your bathtub. Like silverfish, they too need to keep hydrated consistently or else they will die. During the day, these pests will hide in dark, wet spots that they find in your home. Or if outside, they will gather around puddles or runoffs.

If your house has been continuously humid and damp from Fall flooding, you may wish to consider having a pest control professional check for pest activity. Don’t hesitate to call B&B Exterminating today!

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