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How Mulching Saves Your Plants

If you have outdoor plants that aren’t looking so great, you may be able to save them by mulching. Mulch can benefit plants in a variety of ways and will also make your landscaping look neat and beautiful. Here are some ways that mulching can save your plants.

Weed Reduction

Mulch can reduce weed growth instantly. Weeds thrive in sunlight, and mulch will block the sun from getting to them and dramatically reduce their growth. If you’re experiencing uncontrollable weeds that take over your plants, mulching can definitely fix the problem.

Soil Protection

Plants can suffer from unhealthy and eroded soil. Mulch will protect soil from harsh weather conditions, harsh sunlight, and too much moisture. If plants are growing in healthy soil, they will be more likely to thrive and grow. You can even purchase mulch with certain nutrients in it to target specific plant problems you may be having.

Moisture Retention

Mulch helps keep moisture locked into your plant beds so plants can get the water they need to grow. If you live in an extremely hot, humid climate, plants may die from thirst. Mulching will keep your plants from getting too parched, as it is quite thick and keeps soil wet for several days after a rainfall.

Natural Pest Control

There are tons of pests that cause damage to plants by eating their leaves and stunting overall growth. Mulch can help stop these pests from killing your plants. At the same time, mulch attracts good insects, such as spiders and ground beetles to your plants. These insects are attracted to the moisture and nutrients that mulch provides. These bugs eat the bad pests and will keep them from harming your plants.

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