How to Check for Bed Bugs When Coming Back from School

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While you’re away at school, you will probably have to sleep on a mattress provided in the dorm room. However, you can usually have your own sheets and other linens with you. Unfortunately, you don’t always know who has been on the mattress before you and how well the mattress and the bed have been cleaned before moving into the dorm. When you get home, there could be bed bugs in your luggage, clothing, and linens. Fortunately, there are ways to check for them and get rid of them. One option is to contact B&B Exterminating, a company that can treat the entire home for bed bugs while using products to keep them away in the future.

As soon as you get home, look through all of your bags to see if there are any bugs that are easily seen by the naked eye. They usually hide along crevices of suitcases, inside pockets, and in other areas that are dark and that have plenty of space for them to move around instead of roaming on flat surfaces. After examining your belongings, take everything straight to the washing machine. Wash as much as you can with hot water, drying your belongings on high heat as well as this can help to kill any bed bugs that are present.

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Change the linens on the bed in your room, replacing them with fresh linens that you haven’t slept on while you’ve been away at school. After a few days, examine the mattress, box spring, and headboard to see if there is any bed bug activity present. If you do see bugs, take everything off the bed to wash it, cleaning the mattress and box spring as well. You should also clean the headboard and frame with a strong cleaner or bleach if possible.

While you’re at school, keep as much as you can in plastic containers and resealable bags. This can help to keep bed bugs from getting on your clothing and other items so that they aren’t transferred to your home. Keep your book-bag and the items that you won’t need at home stored in a plastic container until you get ready to go back to school.

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