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How to Identify Termite Activity

Termites are a pest that can be quite small yet incredibly destructive if left untreated or unnoticed. Over time, they can compromise the safety and security of the structure of your house. If you do suspect a termite problem, it isn’t too late, but you should act fast. If you’re a new homeowner, read on to learn about how to spot termite activity in your home or on your property. Solving and understanding the problem now is key to having continued peace of mind as a homeowner.


Look for discoloration in your drywall. Also, look for potential “droopiness” or sagging in your walls. This is a sign of a compromised structure.

Peeling Wallpaper with No Water Damage

Although it might look like water damage, termites can consume your drywall and wallpaper along with it. If there is no sign of any leaking or any moisture, then you may have a termite problem.

Hollow Sounding Wood

Although your wood might visually appear fine, take some time to listen to the structure of your house. If you knock on a supposedly solid piece of wood and you hear hollowness and feel brittleness or overall weakness, then you probably have a termite issue. Termites like to burrow and consume inside wooden structures.

Mud Tubes 

Termites will construct tubes made of dirt and mud in order to crawl from the colony where they live to the wood that they consume in or around your home. If you see strange-looking tubes that pop up around your property, this is a sign that termites are commuting on your property. 


Look out for small piles that look like strategically placed dirt. They are actually piles of waste left behind by termites.

Shredded Wings

Look for termite wings that are left on places like window sills or in the corners of rooms. They are dry, flaky looking. This is a sign that there is a colony nearby.

These are all small yet telling signs that you may have unwanted guests in your home. You don’t have to keep up inspections all by yourself. In fact, it is highly recommended that you have a licensed professional inspect your home once a year to evaluate the health and safety of your house.

Contact B&B Exterminating today to speak to one of our professionals. If you have or suspect a termite infestation, we can help plan the best course of action for you.

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