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How to Keep Stinging Insects Like Bees and Wasps and Hornets Out of Your Yard

It is never fun dealing with an infestation of any kind of insect in your home or yard. They can cause severe damage to your property, with needed repairs potentially costing a lot of valuable time and money. It is especially important to know how to keep stinging insects away because they not only destroy property but can also hurt you! Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take that can help prevent these unwanted pests from settling in.

Look for Nests

There are common places to find nests in your yard, like trees and in the ground. Be on the lookout for nests around your house as well. Wasps and other stinging insects often set up on the foundation, walls or overhangs around your home. Spraying the nests can be effective for getting rid of them, provided you find them early enough. However, waiting too long can thwart your efforts, as the nests can get too big to combat on your own and will require the aid of a professional. Regular checks around your property will allow you to act quickly before the nest becomes unmanageable.

Use Decoys

Certain species, like paper wasps, try to stay away from other colonies when setting up a nest. A few well-placed decoys within a hundred feet or so of each other can help deter these pests from making themselves at home.

Keep Your Space Clean

Many wasps and bees pollinate plants and are subsequently drawn to food and sweet aromas. Flowers around your yard, leftover food waste from the grill, a full trash can and even bird feeders all have the potential to attract these pests. Keep your yard clean and free of anything that will attract stinging insects.

Following these easy steps can be surprisingly effective in keeping many stinging insects away. However, before attempting to remove any nests or treating the area yourself, You need to be aware of what kind of insect is present. Although they can be a nuisance, many species are important parts of the ecosystem and need to be handled with care. If you are unsure how to approach the situation, or if it has just grown out of your control, contact B and B Exterminating for information or to set up an appointment. Their skilled professionals are a valuable resource and effective solution in managing any pest control need.

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