How to Rodent Proof Your House

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Before rodents get inside your home, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure that they stay outside. Many of the ways to rodent-proof your home are humane options that are safe for your family and your pets. If you do happen to see rodents inside, you can contact a professional company, such as B&B Exterminating, to come to your home to get rid of the rodents and use treatments that can keep them away.

Start on the outside of the home. Keep your yard clean and free of debris that rodents might want to use as a home, such as trash bags or logs. You should also minimize any bird seed that you use because small rodents enjoy eating the seed when it’s on the ground. If you have a garage or a utility room attached to the home, keep the doors closed so that rodents don’t have a chance to get inside. When exterior doors are left open, just about any kind of animal from the outdoors can seek shelter in this space and possibly get inside the other areas of your house.

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Don’t Let The Rodents Roam

Seal any kind of pet food in a plastic container. Many rodents have a difficult time finding food that they enjoy aside from insects, so when they smell pet food, they tend to migrate to where it’s kept. You should also keep any food for the people in your home in a sealed container after it’s taken from a box or package if it’s not going to be kept in the refrigerator or consumed in a short time. Avoid leaving bags of garbage outside the house or in a garage or utility shed. The smell of rotting food and even papers that are thrown away is alluring to rodents. They are looking for something to eat or materials to use to make a nest so that they have a home for themselves and any babies that they might have.

Make sure any cracks around doors and windows are sealed. You should also seal cracks around air conditioners that are in windows. Maintain the foundation of your home by sealing any cracks as these are areas where rodents can get inside. Monitor your home for any signs of rodents, such as gnaw marks or droppings, calling an exterminator if these signs are seen.

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