How to Spot Fire Ants

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Fire ants are different than other types of ants. These ants have a more aggressive appearance than other ants, and this includes the pincers at the area around their face, which they use to bite into flesh. They also have a body with an unusually red color. There is a visible stinger at the base of their last segment, and it is often black. These ants will usually appear during the warmest months of the year because they like sunny weather with little humidity. They will prefer wooded areas that are dry, and this is where they will build colonies.

Signs of Fire Ant Infestations

The early signs of fire ants can warn you about this danger. An infestation of fire ants can start with the appearance of a mound that can become as large as 18 cm in height. Watch for this major sign carefully so that you will be able to take action before the size of the ant colony grows too large. Mature ant mounds may support more than a hundred thousand fire ants, which will have one queen ant at a time, but they can be replaced. This means that the colony can recover even if you manage to eliminate one mound. Getting rid of the mound can be dangerous because the worker ants will become aggressive if their home is threatened.

Fire Ant Bites

When they are biting, there is a severe sting, and some people say that it resembles a bee sting. Others report that the sensation feels like being burned with a hot flame. Either way, the sensation of having a fire ant bite into your flesh is extremely painful. The early detection signs are important for the purposes of avoiding them as well. Never go outside without shoes in an area that has fire ants. Once they start to bite into the skin, it is usually too late to get them off in time to avoid the unsightly red marks.

These pests are known for their ability to bite into human flesh and leave behind painful sores that may itch for days. The sores are painful, and they can become infected if they are not treated right away. In addition, they leave venom inside of the sores, and these areas may form into areas that contain pus-filled blisters. This is the only insect known to cause this particular type of damage.

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Protect your home and family from the dangers posed by fire ants, which are capable of creating large colonies in a short period of time. Fire ants can be difficult to control because their colonies will continue underground, and the mound is only the visible sign of an infestation. These colonies can also relocate quickly, so contact us if you require assistance.

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