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Is Your Yard Attracting Snakes?

Snakes are a common pest that can enter your yard and present danger for pets and children. There are certain factors that contribute to a snake choosing your yard as their new home. The following are the ways your yard is attracting snakes.

Long Grass

Snakes are far less likely to reside in areas where the grass is short because it leaves them vulnerable to predators such as hawks and owls. Keeping your lawn short will deter snakes from living in your yard, and make it easier to spot them if they do.

Overwatered Lawn

When your lawn becomes overwatered it will attract frogs, slugs, and worms. All of these prey species are a delicious meal for snakes.

Openings and Cracks in Home

Cracks and openings in your doorways or foundation provide a point of entry into your home for snakes. Make sure to properly seal any cracks or openings to prevent snakes from finding a way into your home and posing a threat to your family’s safety.

Bird Feeder

Birds tend to make a mess when they are eating seeds out of a bird feeder. These seeds will often be left behind, which can draw the attention of a nearby snake. Consider relocating your bird feeder to an area of your yard that is less likely to have snakes in it.

Feeding Pets Outside

Feeding your pets outside can attract a variety of insects and rodents, which will, in turn, attract snakes to your yard. If it is necessary to feed your pet outside, make sure to clean up any messes they leave behind in your yard. You should also properly store the food in a smell-proof container.

No Fencing

If the other ways to deter snakes fail, consider installing fencing around your yard. The fencing should be buried at least a few feet underground with a slight bend at the top to prevent them from climbing over. This is the more expensive, but permanent option for keeping snakes out of your yard.

Contact B&B Exterminating

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