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Keep Fleas Off Your Pets and Out of Your Home

If you are a pet owner, you care about their health and safety. you also do not want them spreading fleas throughout your home. Unfortunately, owning a pet comes with the risk of fleas infesting your sanctuary: causing irritation to you and your pets. Keep reading for some tips to prevent fleas from bothering you and your pets. 

Treat Your Pets

There are several different types of flea treatments for your pets. Flea collars, oral and topical medication, prescription medication and flea shampoos can be effective in keeping your pet flea-free. Another effective way to keep your pets flea-free is to groom them after they spend time outside and before they come inside. Combing their fur helps reduce the number of fleas brought into the home. Grooming is especially vital for long-haired pets, as it is easier for fleas to remain undetected.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

A great way to keep your pets free of fleas is to keep your yard free of fleas too. Of course, it is impossible to prevent all pests from invading your yard, but you can deter them by taking the proper steps. Even simple landscaping such as mowing and keeping your trees and bushes trimmed back is helpful as there are fewer places for fleas to hide. 

Plant bushes away from the home if possible. Bushes close to your home makes a great spot for fleas to hide. Pick up any trash or debris as it attracts pests such as opossums, raccoons or cats who could be carriers of fleas. Do not leave any pet food outside of the house. If you are really concerned about having a flea-infested yard, flea sprays are available. 

Keep Your House Clean

Even if your home is spotless, you still can have a flea infestation. However, keeping your home as clean as possible helps prevent an outbreak. Most often, flea eggs will be hiding in throw rugs, carpets, furniture or your pets’ beds. Vacuum these areas frequently, at least once a week, to keep flea eggs out of your home. Consider washing any blankets or bedding where your pet may nap, including your bed comforter. 

If you have a flea infestation that has gotten out of control, do not feel as though you have to handle it on your own. Contact B&B Exterminating Co., Inc today!


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