Keeping Furry Friends From Bringing Pests Home

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We all love our furry friends. Having a cat or dog seems to help make every house a home. Our children love them, we appreciate their unconditional love and having our animal companions just makes life more enjoyable.

What we don’t love, however, is that our friends can bring guests into our home that are unwanted and downright nasty. Whether its fleas picked up at the dog park or ticks from your last hike, there are steps that you can take to limit the potential that your home will become a hotel for unwanted guests.

Prevention is Key

For the best results, homeowners should take a two-part approach. First, make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss treatment and preventative options for your pet. There are multiple long-term options that will repel fleas, ticks and other pests from your pet, reducing the chance they have of bringing one inside.

Your vet should be able to apply the treatment in-office, and you can schedule maintenance visits for retreating as needed or indicated by the medicine. It’s usually placed on the back of the neck to avoid your pet ingesting any of the treatment, and it starts working immediately.

Another factor of pest prevention is maintaining and treating your yard and home. Ticks love piles of leaves and tall grass. In fact, they often hide in decaying vegetation during the colder months. If you have one of these nests and tall grass, your pet could accidentally bring in quite a few of these pests.

The other concern is pre-treating your house. Much like the medicine your vet will give your pet, you can treat your home to discourage pests from nesting there. While they might come in, they will quickly make their way out depending on the treatment used.

B&B Exterminating Co.

B&B Exterminating Company services the Jacksonville, Florida area as well as parts of Georgia with programs designed to tackle these concerns. While we’ve been in the exterminating business since 1938, we also offer lawn and shrub care to our clients. We know that without both services, preventative treatment of your home won’t be as effective. We use our nearly 80 years of experience to decide on a proven program of prevention for your individual home. If you’re in need of any services to prevent or eliminate a current infestation, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you maintain your entire property. We are fully licensed to practice in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, and take great pride in our 100 percent customer satisfaction rating.