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Lawn Care - What You Need To Know

Lawn care has become what seems to be a status symbol these days. From the greenest of grass, to the most lavish landscaping, when it comes to lawn care; there is no expense to be spared.

But, to the vast majority of the population, a well kept, seasonally prepared lawn, is everything we can hope and plan for. Here’s a few need to know items to keep your lawn prepared and kept during each and every season.

Importance Of Seasonal Lawn Care

There are a variety of factors when it comes to your caring for your lawn. From where you live, the seasons, water supply, and even the type of soil ca all can play an important role in lawn care. HGTV published a recent article that provided 15 lawn care tips for a healthy and happy year round landscape. By following these simple lawn care strategies, they will keep your neighbors wanting to know the method behind the perfect lawn on the block. The trick? It’s simple, consistency and upkeep.

Keeping Weeds Out

Have you ever driven or walked by one of those yards that catches your attention, not because of how beautifully kept the lawn is, but because you almost feel sorry for the house that is barely visible because the lawn is so overgrown with weeds, patchy grass spots, dead shrubbery, and debris that has continued to pile up for months?

It is important, regardless of the season, that you protect your lawn from weed overgrowth. A simple way to start this is by applying protective layers of mulch and/or preen. During the warmer months, you can apply grass using a runner, which plants grass seeds above and below the soil to create a turf-like mat, helping to control weed growth.

Routine Maintenance Is A Must

Think of lawn care as you do personal hygiene and upkeep. You wouldn’t go to a fancy dinner date without having showered and gotten ready right? Grass is the same. It needs to be watered, mowed, and given nutrients to help with growth. Never cut more than one third of the grass length at a time, as this can cause your grass not to have the nutrients needed to regenerate itself.

Water And Fertilization

Depending on the type of grass you have, and where you live, the frequency of water application may vary. As a rule of thumb, warm season grasses need approximately 20% less water than cool season grasses.

If you’re wanting to get ready for those hot summer months, be sure to fertilize in late spring to early summer. For winter months, it is recommended to conduct a complete fertilization annually, during the fall. This treatment helps cover the lawn completely, allows time for the seeds to implant into the soil, and begin its growth process, while storing nutrients that will be used to sustain itself through the cold months.

To turn your yard into a green lush oasis, Contact B & B Exterminating today for all of your lawn care needs!

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