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Mold Matters More Than You Think

There is a common misconception that mold is only found outdoors or in “old” homes that haven’t been taken care of. Mold can be found in multiple places, including the inside of your newly built home. Think about that loaf of bread you bought last week that is still in the pantry. Or last week’s leftovers you found in the back of the fridge. What about that patio door seal that came loose last month that you hadn’t yet fixed? All of these things, and more, become the perfect playground for over mold and fungi growth. So what does mold mean for over 8 common types of unwanted pests? Let’s find out.

Pests Thrive In Humid Environments

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to living in an area close to large bodies of water, such as the ocean, and/or frequent areas of moisture, is the inevitable breeding grounds for mold growth. Where there is mold, there will eventually be unwanted pests that hang around, usually at the most inopportune time. Cockroaches, book mites, mold mites, certain beetles, and termites are just some of the many pests that are attracted to, and flourish in moldy environments.

How To Minimize Household Mold

If you start to see unwelcome pests in your home, don’t assume you have a mold problem immediately. Make sure to check your fridge, pantry, bedrooms and bathrooms for moisture, stale, or loose paper or crumbs. If you continue seeing these mold-friendly pests, it might be time to call our friends at B&B Exterminating, to assess your situation and determine next best steps.

Treating Moisture Friendly Areas And Mold

Did you know you don’t have to wait for a professional to treat mold? In fact, it’s recommended that once you recognize there is mold, to just get rid of it as quickly as possible to avoid further damage or growth.

Research And Stay Informed

If you are moving to an area that is prone to high humidity, frequent moisture, like Southern Georgia or Florida,just know you likely will see these creatures from time to time due to the environment. There are multiple ways to help minimize and/or resolve issues related to mold. The sooner it’s addressed, the better the chances are of resolution. Contact us today to set up an appointment! Additionally, moisture barriers also help to limit the amount mold-friendly spots that could impact you and your loved ones.

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