Mosquito Prevention Tips

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Mosquitoes don’t care that we want them to stay out of our outdoor space. Their life’s mission is to breed and feed on human blood. Thankfully, if you utilize the following prevention tips, these flying vampires won’t be able to rear their ugly heads so easily.

Make Your Outdoor Space Uninhabitable

Mosquitoes will flock to any area that has standing water, and this is especially true if humans and pets are present. Therefore, it’s time for you to do some maintenance to your yard. Any containers that are holding an ounce of water can support the eggs of mosquitoes, so get in the habit of emptying them on a regular basis. These insects are particularly drawn to the gutters, plant trays, pet bowls and yard fountains. Rain barrels need to be sealed tightly.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes aren’t really restricted when it comes to breeding grounds. As opportunistic pests, they will seek out any object that provides standing water. Spare tires and empty buckets are only some of the typical items that get infested. You’ll gain the upper hand in your fight against mosquitoes by simply clearing your yard of any water-holding items.

These are areas where mosquitoes are commonly found.

Where Mosquitoes are Common

Tidy Up the Lawn Surrounding Your Home

When you have a yard with unkempt grass and straggly bushes, you’re inviting mosquitoes into your outdoor space. Since your goal is to keep these insects at bay, it’s imperative that you give your yard a thorough cleanup. Alternatively, you can save your energy and can eliminate a portion of your workload by hiring a professional lawn management company. A well-manicured yard is less attractive to mosquitoes, especially when it contains few sources of standing water.

As a rule of thumb, don’t hesitate to remove piles of leaves, dead wood or grass. Such piles provide mosquitoes with protection from exposure.

Make Yourself Less Noticeable

Taking care of your yard is only half the battle. You also should wear light-colored clothes because mosquitoes can easily detect dark colors. Black happens to be the main shade that holds on to body heat, which is high on the list of things that will capture mosquitoes’ attention. Perfume, perspiration and carbon dioxide are also on the list. Therefore, if you put on unscented lotion and don’t exert yourself, you just might stop these flying vampires from biting you.

Hire a Premier Pest Control Company

Mosquitoes are very persistent and brazen, so don’t be shocked if the tips above only produce temporary results. The most effective way to deal with mosquitoes is to let a professional exterminator treat your property. This is where B&B Exterminating can assist you. Contact us today for a free quote!