Most Effective Ways to Protect Your Home From Termites

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If you own a home and don’t want termites to invade and cause damage, you are likely wondering what you can do to keep termites at bay. Termites are tiny insects that will consume wooden floors, walls and support beams if they have a chance to get into your home. 

When they first gain access, most homeowners won’t even spot the warning signs until the late stages of an infestation, giving the pests plenty of time to cause destruction. You will likely face costly repair bills if termites make their way onto your property, but you can take several steps to safeguard yourself from the threat. 

Prevent Wood From Contacting the Ground

Since termites love to infest and consume wood, allowing the wooden parts of your home to touch the ground is a great way to invite the pests inside. Keeping wood siding and beams at least 6 inches off the ground will work wonders when it comes to preventing an infestation. 

Also, keep the shrubs and bushes near your home trimmed so that they don’t attract termites. If you store firewood outside, keep it off the ground and away from your home, and you will be glad that you did. Although it can’t guarantee that termites won’t invade your home when you least expect it, keeping wood away from your home can lower your odds of running into problems down the road. 

Reduce Moisture Near Your Home

When you have moisture in or around your home, you must promptly address the issue if you don’t want to face a termite infestation. Broken, bent or damaged gutters can let water drip to the ground near your home’s foundation, which will act as a beacon to termites. Putting in the effort to repair damaged gutters is a great way to protect yourself from termites and the issues they cause. You should also check your plumbing to verify that you don’t have any leaky pipes that could entice the pests to enter your property. 

Get Annual Termite Inspections

Even though maintaining your home is a smart way to reduce the odds of a termite infestation, it won’t always be enough to keep you out of harm’s way. Getting yearly termite inspections by trained professionals is the only way to achieve the best possible results. 

B&B Exterminating

Contacting B&B Exterminating is a wise step in the right direction when your goal is to keep termites away from your home. Our certified inspectors will search in and around your home for the red flags that indicate the presence of termites. If our team spots the pests, they will get the problem under control and give you peace of mind. Check out our service area and see if we can happily help you today!