Pests Won’t Stand a Chance With These Three Tips and Tricks

Pests Won’t Stand a Chance With These Three Tips and Tricks

Take note. Pests won’t stand a chance with these three tips and tricks.

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Clean Your House

Regularly cleaning your house means cleaning it at least once per week. This includes vacuuming, mopping and dusting. It will not only keep pests out of your way, but it will also make them less likely to stay. 

By cleaning, you disrupt the natural habitat that pests try to create for themselves. Pests tend to love moist, dark and cluttered spaces, and they want to feast on the leftovers all over your carpet. So keep things as dry, bright and as clean as you can.

In addition to vacuuming, mopping and dusting, you will want to regularly clean your drains, too. Basement, floor, laundry room and sink drains get gunky, which can attract pests and possibly become breeding grounds if left unclean. Try using a drain cleaner or baking soda and vinegar the next time you clean your drains.

Take Out the Garbage and Clean Your Recyclables

Pests crop up in your garbage because of food, so place bags securely in the garbage can. Taking out the garbage is not implied only for the one inside your home. Make sure you are cleaning up the trash and clutter from your yard, too. 

Pests love finding new places to make their home, and they will do so with leaves, plant clippings and twigs, so be sure to clean those up as well. Not taking care of the trash in and out of your house will welcome them into your home.

Besides cleaning up your trash, clean your recyclables. Unrinsed cans and plastics filled with food can attract ants and other pests to your recycle bins and ultimately into your home. 

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Close Cracks, Gaps and Holes

It is important to make sure your indoor spaces are free of cracks, gaps and holes. Seal doors and windows because pests also like to squeeze into small spaces. Other places to watch out for include interior gaps in kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, trim and around pipes, cables and vents. Fixing rips and tears in screens will ensure fewer pests are getting into your home as well. 

Another way to keep pests from getting in is to check the exterior of your home for cracks, gaps and holes as well. Cracks in the foundation, loose siding and missing roof shingles are parts of the house that can welcome pests into your home. Gaps around utility lines such as cable wiring, electric wiring and pipes can also be places for pests to hide. 

To seal openings outside, use coarse steel wool, sheet metal, copper mesh or mortar. We do not recommend caulk because pests can nibble through it.

If it’s past time that these methods will work to keep your pest problem at bay, it’s time to call in the experts. If you need help with pest control, contact B&B Exterminating Co., Inc.