Preventing Ants from Crashing Your Memorial Day BBQ

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Memorial Day is a time when you can celebrate with friends and family. However, ants are likely not a part of your holiday plans. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can keep ants from crashing your BBQ with little effort on your part.

Ants usually seek out any kind of food. Since you’ll have a variety of foods outside for your BBQ, try to keep items in closed containers or covered as much as possible. If ants don’t have as many options when they are trying to find food, then they will seek sources somewhere else. Each person can have a lid on soda cups or cans as well because ants tend to seek out sweeter foods and liquids. If anything is spilled on tables, then clean the mess as soon as it’s made. Don’t leave any kind of food or drink sitting around because it will quickly begin to attract ants the longer that it sits in place. You should also wash the tables with a mild disinfectant after the BBQ is over.

Don’t Let Pests Crash Your Party

Citronella candles are a good way to keep ants away from any BBQ or picnic. There are different sizes of candles that you can get to set on tables as well as candles that can be placed on torches. Citronella candles are ideal whether your picnic is during the day or in the evening when it’s darker as the scent is distracting to ants. The candles won’t kill the ants, but it can help to keep them away long enough for you to enjoy a few hours with your friends and family.

A fan can help to keep ants from invading your picnic. Ants are usually weak insects, so if there is a fan blowing, they can’t get to areas that have food as easy as they can if there is no breeze at all. Some ants like the carbon dioxide that you breathe out, and if there is a fan on the table or even a few fans, then the carbon dioxide is dispersed in the air. This will help to keep you from being as easy to smell when ants are near the picnic area.

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