Protecting Your Home From Pests While Traveling

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Ancient wisdom tells us that when a fortress is vacant, it is difficult to defend it against invasion. Few of us have fortresses to protect from attacking armies, but many of us have homes to protect from pests. And when we leave our houses empty during a short trip, it’s easier for pests to enter and spread.

If you’re planning on travelling for a couple of days, you may be worrying about what creatures might come into your house in your absence. However, with just a few preparatory measures, you can make sure your house is safeguarded from pests while you’re gone. Here is how to protect your house from pests before you leave.

Clean Your House

Pests are primarily drawn to our homes by the food we eat, and they don’t discriminate between food on a plate, on the floor, or in the garbage. You should keep your home clean as a general rule, but before you leave, make sure you give your house a good scrub down. Mop the floors, wipe down your counters and make sure all of your food is sealed in airtight containers. Also, take your trash bag into the can and cover the lid.

Seal all Entrances

Next, it’s important to block all paths into your home. Close your doors, windows and doggy doors. Also, make sure your flue is closed to keep squirrels and bats out of your chimney. Then, walk around your house and make sure your weather stripping is secure and your motor is not cracked.

Spray Your Foundations

Finally, spray the foundations of your home with insecticide to make sure that no pests are able to enter. You can do this yourself with an over-the-counter insecticide, but it may be better to have professionals come and spray your house, as they are familiar with the safest and most effective chemicals, and they know all the key spots to hit. You should have pest control specialist visit your house frequently anyway, but it’s especially important right before you leave on a business trip or vacation, since when you’re away, you won’t be able to spot an infestation and stop it before it grows.

In many ways, protecting your house from pests is the same whether you’re staying at home or travelling. However, when you’re away from home, you won’t have any way of preventing pests, which is why it’s important to pest proof your home before you leave. So, next time you’re getting ready for a trip, make sure that guarding your house from pests is on your list of preparations and you should be good to go.

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