Signs of Mold In Your Home

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At B&B Exterminating Co., we know that pests aren’t the only things that can infest a home or business. In a humid climate such as ours, mold can be a big problem. Below, you’ll learn about the characteristics of mold as well as ways to prevent it from growing.

How Mold Forms

Mold is a toxic fungus that grows wherever there’s water, organic matter to serve as food, high temperatures, and high humidity levels. Mold often grows on walls, ceilings, and floors through the condensation of water vapor. In most cases, the water comes in the form of a leak.

Where Mold Grows

Attics, basements and crawl spaces are all vulnerable to mold growth because of their already high moisture levels. Attics are notorious for poor ventilation, and if water leaks through the roof and gets the beams or the insulation wet, this will spell trouble.

Basements can invite water from all sides. A flood above ground can result in seepage; the pipes can leak; the basement windows might let in surface runoff, and the water table might flood and result in groundwater swelling. All of these can act as the catalyst to mold growth.

Crawl spaces often experience vapor drive or the rising of vapor from the dirt floor. You might think mold growth can be prevented with ventilation, but in humid environments, ventilation will actually raise moisture levels!

Mold can also infiltrate your air ducts and your dryer vent. Ductwork with poor insulation can easily develop condensation, and as for dryer vents, they’re prone to condensation because of the constant stream of hot air that the clothes dryer gives off.

Signs of Mold

Mold comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, brown, white, and black, and they more or less all appear as spots on the infested surfaces. They also give off a musty odor that would be instantly recognizable to a mold remediation technician.

In large quantities, mold can cause health problems. Though symptoms vary from person to person, it often leads to flu-like symptoms, headaches, throat and eye irritation, and shortness of breath. Black mold is an especially dangerous fungus, as it will kill neurons in your brain, resulting in physical and mental impairment.

Checking for Mold

Though a professional would be able to take air samples to determine mold levels in your property, the most you can do is search every room for the presence of this fungus. Be sure to wear a mask or respirator as well as gloves.

The moment you suspect that mold is in your property, get ahold of B&B Exterminating Co. for a free evaluation. We can provide remediation and even set up dehumidifiers in the rooms where there’s high humidity.