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Spring Lawn Tips

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There’s nothing like being outside in the sun taking care of your lawn in the spring. Maintaining your lawn helps to ensure that you have green grass and that you don’t have a lot of unwanted pests lurking about. Before you begin any kind of care, make sure your mower and weedeater are tuned. Change the oil and the filters in each one. You should also change the spark plug in the mower. If the equipment that you use isn’t operating efficiently, then you’re not going to get the cut that you want, possibly leaving the lawn ragged in appearance.

Take a walk around your yard to pick up any limbs or twigs before spreading grass seed or fertilizer or mowing. Fix bare spots in the yard before you begin any kind of regular maintenance, such as mowing once a week. Wait until the grass is about two inches tall before you begin mowing because you’re just going to deprive the grass of essential nutrients that will help it grow. Keep weeds away by either killing them or preventing them in the first place with plastic underneath mulch around flower beds or products that can be sprayed in the yard to kill weeds and unwanted plants.

The Grass Should Always Be Greener

Before any kind of pest makes your lawn a home, use products that will keep them away. You can also use cinnamon, cardamom or mothballs to keep everything from snakes to ants away from your home. B&B Exterminating can come to the home to use stronger products to kill pests or to keep them out of the yard. Apply mulch early in the spring, raking it when it starts to get bunched together. Edge along your flower beds and driveway early in the spring so that you have a clear design that you can follow throughout the season.

Later in the season, examine the areas where you’ve tried to fill in with grass seed to see if new grass is growing. You can thicken your lawn by adding more grass seed if it looks like your grass is a bit thin, especially if there hasn’t been a lot of rain. Get rid of dandelions and other unwanted flowers. Mow when the grass needs it instead of trying to maintain a schedule.

If pests happen to be getting the best of your lawn, contact B&B Exterminating Co. and we’ll be happy to help those in need. Check out our service area to see if we can keep your lawn as green as can be.