Plants To Add to Your Garden

The Best Plants To Add to Your Garden To Keep Pests Away

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy fresh, colorful produce from your garden. The last things you want to find are telltale signs of pests feeding on your favorite fruits or vegetables. Avoid dousing your garden with harmful chemicals by looking for natural alternatives for effective pest management. Learn about the ten best plants to add to your garden for a beautiful way to guard against pesky insects and rodents.


This herb not only adds flavor to many of your favorite dishes, but also repels mosquitoes and house flies. Consider planting basil in pots and place them at the corners of your garden or near your back door to discourage these flying invaders from entering your home.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are another plant that acts as a flavorful ingredient for foods such as stews and soups. These plants also repel ants, cockroaches and flies. Grow your own or purchase them, crush them up and distribute them around infested areas of your garden.


This savory herb is fantastic for deterring aphids, Japanese beetles, carrot flies and mites. Chives even drive small animals such as rabbits away from your garden.


These flowers contain a compound called pyrethrum that is used in a variety of insect repellents. They deter a host of pests, including ants, bed bugs, Japanese beetles, fleas, roaches and ticks. 

Citronella Grass

This grassy plant is highly successful at scaring off mosquitoes and other flying insects. Citronella grass also has medicinal value, as it helps relieve depression, migraine headaches and muscle aches. 


This bold spice is also known for its health and seasoning benefits. Garlic also serves to repel aphids, Japanese beetles, codling moths and root maggots.


This ornamental plant is often used for both decorations and as a common ingredient in herbal teas. Lemongrass contains citronella oil that acts as a natural mosquito repellent.


The distinctive aroma of marigolds keep away aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits. Protect your garden by planting them along the edges. Enjoy their bright colors as a bonus.


These plants repel ants, mosquitoes and spiders. Thankfully, mint not only keeps away unwanted insects, but it’s also refreshing to humans in both smell and taste.


Because of their vibrant colors, petunias are a welcome addition to any garden. They help to control aphids, asparagus beetles and tomato hornworms by trapping them with their sticky stamens.

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