The Hidden Dangers of Rodent Infestation

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Every homeowner knows that having rodents in the house is something that you want to avoid. Not only can they cause damage to the walls, wiring and pipes of your home, but they can also impart an odor.

B&B Exterminating Company has been working hard to keep our customers in the Jacksonville area rodent free since 1938. We have made protecting the health and safety of your home our mission, because the truth is, a rodent infestation can cause a lot more damage to your health and property than frayed wiring and bad smells.

The Dangers of Infestation

An active rodent infestation carries many hidden dangers. For example, most people don’t realize that rodents can carry and transmit salmonella. Unfortunately, anything a rodent in your house touches can then be contaminated. As rodents stay near the ground, it puts them in the direct path of potentially infecting the members of your household who are most vulnerable to the bacteria: children under five.

Another little-known health concern that can be caused by rodents is tularemia. This disease is potentially life-threatening, and humans can contract it by either consuming food that has been contaminated, touching rodents, suffering a rodent bite or even being bitten by a tick that has previously bitten an infected rodent.

Lymphocytic choriomeningitis is a condition that doesn’t require direct contact with a rodent or rodent dropping in order to infect its host. While the chances of infection are higher with direct contact, there have been documented cases of infection via contaminated dust. Even more dangerous is the fact that if a pregnant woman is infected, her fetus can experience complications such as birth defects or even miscarriage.

Lastly, if you have rodents, you’re at a higher risk for house fires. Rodents chew on wires, and once they remove the protective covering, you have a live wire in direct contact with insulation, wood and other flammable materials. You might not have an indication on your side of the wall that the wiring has been compromised and may not know until it’s too late and a fire has begun.

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The good news is a trained and certified exterminator can both prevent an infestation in your home as well as remove an active outbreak and help to restore your home to health. If you are experiencing an issue with rodents, or just want to formulate a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future through preventative pest control, call B&B Exterminating. We’d be happy to conduct an inspection of your property and develop a plan to keep it pest-free.