pests keeps entering your home

The Top Three Reasons Why Pests Keep Entering Your Home

Maybe you’re a champion vacuum cleaner or a world-renowned dust master. You clean like your life depends on it. You brag to people that you’d lick your kitchen floors. We believe you, and we’re here to tell you that the pests will still find their way into your home.

Simply put: food, water and shelter attract pests. Here are the top three reasons why pests keep entering your home and what you can do about it.

1. Your Food Isn’t Properly Stored.

One reason pests find their way into your home is for food. Maybe your favorite box of crackers is sitting on a shelf. Or your cereal is nice and neatly wrapped in its box. That isn’t enough to deter mice, who will eat through the packaging to get to the food it wants. Instead of leaving food products in their original packaging, try buying food storage containers. 

For those of you who wouldn’t be caught dead licking your floors, try to sweep and mop hard floors once per week. You should also vacuum at least twice per week. This won’t stop an infestation that has already started, but it will help to prevent one. If you need help with an infestation, contact B&B Exterminating CO., Inc. for pest control.

2. You’re Creating a Moist Environment.

Maybe you have no ventilation in your bathroom, so you’re constantly living in a sauna each time you shower. Or maybe you love your humidifier so much that the walls of your room are streaked with wet marks. Whatever the case may be, living in a damp environment is not only bad for your house, it’s bad for pest control. Pests love and need water just as much as the rest of us.

If you can, try fixing leaky faucets or pipes and damp rooms. This will save you not only from pests but from structural problems in the future. You could also contact B&B Exterminating CO., Inc. for advice on how to control pests in a damp environment.

3. You Have a Lot of Clutter.

It’s easy to forget your mail on the table every day, and dishes in the sink that don’t get washed right away. Clutter can pile up easily and that’s another reason why pests love your home. They love to live in calm, dark and cluttered environments. 

Make sure to clean up the clutter in your home every now and then. And teach yourself about how often you should dust

Just remember that pests like an uncleaned, damp and cluttered home. They want to eat your food, drink your water, and sleep in your home. 
If your pest problem is starting to get out of your control, contact the experts at B&B Exterminating CO., Inc.