Tips on Rat Removal During Winter Months

For almost all mammals during wintertime, rats need a warm shelter to survive the cold temperatures. One of their favorite shelters could be your house so it’s best to be prepared for a nest of them coming into your home. We are aware they carry many diseases and we cannot allow them to swarm too long. So, we have the tips to help you with rat removal.

Mouse Traps

We have two types of lethal traps to help remove rats from your home. Your first option has the classic mousetrap, and your other trap option is the glue rat trap.

Your classic mousetrap is designed with a spring bar attached to a yellow trigger on top of a wooden board. For many decades, this has been a solution for rat removal as it kills the rat instantly. Some people manage to improve the mousetrap by substituting a tiny dollop of peanut butter on the trigger instead of cheese. This is because most rats out in the wild have a grain-based diet.

The glue rat trap has a different approach to the situation. Simply place the non-stick side of the trap on the floor and wait for the rats to step onto the adhesives. The rat will stick immediately but will suffer from dehydration leading to a slow painful death. The best way to lead the rat to the trap is to lay out some non-lethal bait across or on the trap.

If you have children or pets around the house, you will need to be careful since these traps are harmful when activated.

Friendlier Methods

For some people, harming a creature can make them remorseful about their decision. Luckily, there are rat-friendly methods for rat removal.

There are steel cages designed to trap wild animals without harm. Like a mousetrap, they have a trigger mechanism once the animal steps inside the cage allowing the entryway to be closed behind them. You can use non-lethal bait or the peanut butter trick across the trigger to lure the rats inside. Take them to a nearby abandoned building area and release them to their new home.

You can contact professional pest technicians that can offer non-lethal options to inspect and remove rats from your home. They give you a full, detailed summary of how to prevent rat infestations during the winter in the future.
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