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Top 3 Things That Attract Ants to Your Home

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Like most pests, ants invade Florida homes in an effort to find certain necessities. They want to meet various basic needs, such as nutrition, moisture, and shelter. If you learn about the specific things that they seek, you’ll have a better ability to keep these insects at bay and prevent them from harming your belongings.


Just about any human or pet food may attract ants. Many species favor sweet ingredients, such as maple syrup, jelly, and sugar. High-protein meals appeal to pharaoh and fire ants. These bugs also appreciate oily foods. Numerous ants devour fellow insects as well. This pest creates pheromone trails that help its friends gather food in your home.


Ants cannot survive without water. When they find it, the bugs don’t only drink to quench their own thirst. They collect extra water and transport it back to their colonies. Common indoor sources of moisture include condensation, leaky plumbing, and damaged roofs. Adequate ventilation can reduce excess moisture in bathrooms. Remember to open a window or use an exhaust fan while showering.


Unlike some bugs, these pests normally don’t eat house plants. They nonetheless have the potential to damage indoor vegetation. Ants like to harvest the honeydew that whiteflies, mealybugs, and aphids generate. Consequently, they defend these destructive plant parasites from predators. Ants may also nest in potting soil and drink the water that you pour on house plants.


This insect can cause several serious problems if you allow it to find sustenance and take up residence in your home. Ants contaminate and steal food from kitchens. They might also damage wood while constructing nests in walls. The bugs may bite if you inadvertently touch them. Fire ants inflict painful stings and occasionally trigger anaphylactic shock.


You can keep this pest outdoors by restricting access to things that attract it. Put pantry foods in heavy-duty plastic or glass containers. Repair leaky pipes, faucets and ceilings. To prevent carpenter ant infestations, replace damaged or rotten wood. Seal any openings around doors, vents and natural gas lines. You should also be sure to avoid bringing infested plants into the home.


If insects have already invaded your house, the above-mentioned efforts may reduce the harm that they cause. However, these actions probably won’t end the infestation. The fastest and most effective solution is to request the assistance of a pest control professional. These experts know how to identify and target specific ant species.

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