store food without attracting pests

3 Effective Ways to Store Food Without Attracting Pests

Many pests are attracted to food and will often try to come into your yard or home because they can smell the food debris from far away. These pests will come back to your home over and over again because they know food is there. This can be such a nuisance and the pest problem can get out of control. If you experience this problem, here are some ways you can properly store food without attracting pests. 

Air-Tight Containers

Storing food in air-tight containers can eliminate a pest problem quickly. Most pests cannot squeeze inside air-tight containers, so they will give up and move along. This trick works especially well if you have a rodent problem, as mice and rats keep coming around for the food they find. Air-tight containers will discourage them from making it a habit. 

Ziploc Bags

Food items like flour and sugar are often targets for ants and other small bugs. It is easy for ants to get inside bags of flour and sugar because they just do not stay sealed. Once you open a bag or flour or sugar, put the bag inside a Ziploc bag and seal it tightly. When your flour and sugar are stored in your pantry, it will be impossible for pests to get inside and contaminate everything. 

Keep Everything Clean

It is essential to clean your pantry and refrigerator out often. You may store food properly, but crumbs and other food debris can get everywhere and be the main attraction for pests. Cleaning your kitchen is a great way to ensure that pests aren’t attracted to your home. Keep food inside air-tight containers and plastic bags inside your closet and refrigerator where they belong. You will see results right away. 

Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free!

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