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Ways You are Attracting Mice into Your Home

Finding a mouse problem is one of the more unsettling and frustrating discoveries for homeowners in the Jacksonville area. Mice are incredibly efficient at wreaking havoc on your home’s structure, destroying your food, and spreading disease as they travel across surfaces. 

When managing mice, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. Infestations are difficult to fully eliminate and professional intervention is often necessary once mice have set up their nest. Consider these common ways that you may be inviting an infestation so you know how to keep mice away from your home.

Providing a Food Source for Mice

Mice look for two basic necessities -- shelter and food. They are extremely efficient at finding and accessing food sources and can settle in comfortably if the supply is ample. Allowing garbage to accumulate or leaving it unsecured in the trash bin provides a buffet for mice to dig into. Spilled food like grains and sugary treats are also mouse magnets. Be diligent about cleaning counters, under and inside cabinets, or anywhere food debris might build up. Pet food is a commonly ignored source as well so make sure that all food is picked up, sealed, and secured safely. Water bowls are also great for attracting mice so consider placing them where they can’t reach.

Providing Suitable Conditions Outside

Untended landscaping around your home offers excellent conditions for mice to seek refuge. An unmowed lawn and unmanaged plant growth around the house offer safe havens for mice to build their nests and act as bridges from the outside environment into your home. By trimming back trees and bushes, removing vegetation that creeps up to the house, and regularly mowing your lawn, you leave mice exposed and deterred from moving in on your home.

Allowing Mice Inside

Mice are persistent and uniquely built to find their way through the smallest openings. An examination of your house’s perimeter and foundation can reveal access points. Adult mice can fit through openings roughly the size of a dime and small cracks, gaps around pipes and spaces under doors are all they need to let themselves in. Properly plug any openings and consider applying brush stripping under doors to provide a tight seal.

Effective mouse prevention is critical for homeowners, as prior infestations can leave behind odors that attract the next generation of mice. A proactive approach to routine maintenance and cleanliness is a great start. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing education and efficient solutions to your pest-related needs. If you would like to know more about practical mice prevention techniques or schedule an appointment with our technicians, contact B&B Exterminating today.

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