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We Mite Have a Problem: What A Termite Infestation Looks Like

Termites are one of the top concerns that homeowners face. Not every house will be targeted by these pests. Many times, it can be easy to jump the gun and mistakenly assume that you have them though you do not. It can be just as easy to overlook the signs of having them, as well, if you don’t know what to spot. The sooner an infestation is noticed, the better the chances of preventing major damage to the structure of your home.

Looking for Termites

Things to keep an eye out for to spot termites in your house include:

  • Shelter Tubes. As the name suggests, these are clay-like tubes that termites use for safety when crossing exposed areas such as walls or foundation. In addition to protecting from predators, the tubes maintain a dark and humid area for them and their food.
  • Exposed Holes in Trees. If there are trees in the area that appear to have termite damage, there is cause for concern about them finding their way to your home.
  • Tree Nests. Should a termite colony within a tree exceed the original capacity of the tree, a very visible lump of mud will be visible from the outside.
  • Audible Excavation. With the amount of work that termites perform in group, it is not uncommon to be able to hear termite activity should the infestation be heavy enough.
  • Hollow Wood and Sagging Floors. Termites burrow into wood without breaking through to the surface (making early detection difficult). This carving out of the wood results in hollow sounds and sagging under weight. Tapping on “solid” wood should be able to indicate the level of emptiness.
  • Sawdust Particles. As termites do their digging, the debris must go somewhere. Almost the size of dust, all of the burrowing will leave trace evidence behind.

Over-Might the Mite

The importance of prevention can not be overstated when it comes to termites. They are one of the few pests where the moment they are in the home is the moment damage begins. Ridding dead trees/stumps around the yard, using treated wood for structures and monitoring common entry points can go a long way to keep your home termite free. To find out if your home has termite damage, or to consult with someone about what to do if there is an infestation, contact B&B Exterminating today.

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