What Are the Different Kind of Food That Attract Bees?

Above all else, honey bees are attracted to sugar because it is the carbohydrate they use to produce honey. They can find it in many sources, such as fruit and flower nectar. 

However, bees also require water and salt for survival–just like humans–so these three key food sources are what beekeepers need to focus on when choosing the plants and trees to plant around the apiary. Additionally, all types of honey bees are attracted to fragrant flowers, those with bright colors (yellows, blues, oranges) and those with a lot of pollen. Here are five foods that attract bees.

1. Sugar

It may be surprising to some people, but the honey bee’s sweet tooth is real. Bees are just as attracted to sugar as we are, which is why they’re such a nuisance to picnickers everywhere. To bees, the sweetness of sugar water means it is full of energy, and they can use that energy to produce honey for their hive.

However, if you want them gone from your picnic spread or a nearby tree, a high-fructose corn syrup solution will do the trick – it tastes the same but doesn’t have any nutritional value for bees.

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2. Lavender

This herb has long been prized for its fragrance and beauty. Lavender is also a bee magnet! Lavender oil is produced from the lavender plant, which bees are drawn to in the springtime because of its beautiful purple color and lovely scent. 

Lavender is drought-resistant and requires little maintenance, although it does need full sun exposure. It is often used in small gardens because of its lovely appearance and uses in cooking!

3. Lilacs

Lilacs are a plant that produces flowers that are very appealing to bees because of their sweet, delicious nectar. These flowers come in several colors, grow beautifully in the spring months and have a gorgeous scent.

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4. Mint

Mint has an appealing scent to many animals, including bees. Bees are often drawn and attracted to mint because of its sweet fragrance and bright color. 

Use mint leaves in jellies, mint sauces for lamb, mint jelly, iced tea with mint sprigs, etc. There are many ways to use mint and make it look beautiful around your garden or home. It will attract bees with little work on your part!

5. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas, which is known as “The Sunflower State.” The large, bright flowers are very appealing to bees. They require little work on your part until they need to be harvested for seeds or oil. However, this may not occur each year if you keep the plants well-maintained.

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